Sunday, 21 September 2014

SEO tips and tricks

I've promoted my blog over 2 years and want to share some exp.

1. 90%  people are lazy egoists who are looking for easy ways like lottery. They don't care what you have done, they care what you have got. That's why promote results of your work instead of your work.

2. Try not to post something on weekend. People are resting, they have life and don't seat on computer like you. That's why my views on weekend is twice lower than other days. But this post is for you, not for them, that's why I'm posting on Sunday.

3. Try not to post anything on Monday and Friday. This days are also not very good to promote.

4. Keep in mind about  time of day of your target audience. If your target audience is USA try to post in most active time in the USA like 2-4 PM.

5. Ask for help your friends on sharing data on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.

6. Try to keep all in one place. I use blogger for this. It have cool statistic so I can analyze audience.

7. Try not to post only links on your data in social networks, you will became not interesting for your friends so they will ignore your links like spam.

8. Bring information for people who interesting in it. If you promoting games do it in games communities. If you say something about Linux shell for random people they just ignore you.