Friday, 16 May 2014

Neural Network Population

Most of past posts about neural networks were theoretical. Now I did an application for teaching and experementing with visual processing based on neural network. It looks like this now:

Here you can add input picture and output picture for training of an neural network. Also you can add neighbours count that be added to learning population, amount of neurons that be used in NN. You can also Load/Save result NN for future using. App will be aviable sooner. Anyway I've decided to train Y growing of a pixels. You can easily see what I mean looking on input and output pictures. Next I've applied couple of time NN on a result and got cool unexpected result that assebled into an animation:

First couple of appoaher were predictable but next result was very interesting and looks like an evolution of something. By the way i didn't code this algorithm I visually train it. Next I'am planing to simulate a close gravity and look how it will be applied on a noise.