Thursday, 5 December 2013

Unity split terrain script

"Cut, cut, cut, cut "
This Guy

How to use it:
Unity Main Menu-> Dvornik-> Terrain-> Split Terrain. Press split terrain. Now your selected terrain is splitted into 4 parts with all details, trees, colors and stuff like that.

NOTE: old terrain is not deleted. If you want to remove it, please remove manually.

If some problems occurs please see Log Console


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  2. Hallo,
    i don't know how you do it. but it is great.
    However i want to do a little more. i used your tool and i realized, that the height map resolution of the new terrains decreased by half. Can we keep the old resolution or increase it?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. If you select the new terrain, then go to the settings tab you can set a new resolution. The reason the resolution decreases is because the terrain size does. Meaning that to have the exact same detail, it needs to have less total resolution.

      So, what you are asking is like, why does my half sandwich have less bread than the whole sandwich did before I cut it in half? ;) don't fret, you can still increase the resolution if you want more for painting, etc.

    2. Nice to hear something from you. I understand what you said absolutly. Yes, what I meaned is, the 4 new Terrains have the same resolution (heightmap resolution, basemap, detailmaps... resolution) as the origin terrain. I have tried to do it and I did it, but it is not perfect. After i cut the terrain with your tool, i increase the heightmap resolution to double (by code). However, I think the map is shifted and the corners are missed. Is there a way to increase the heightmap resolutions and don't loose the data?

  3. Hey I loaded in your script but now my terrain is gone. The entire terrain, all my work gone.

    1. :O Yeap, thanks for saying this. I came back because the importer is telling me that it includes replacement textures. Dvornik, can you just make the split-terrain script available?

  4. Thankyou, Just what I needed so I can make my city in smaller sections.